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Network Mapping Tool


Would any of you remember a software "cheops", used to be able to map a
network by pinging, and graphically representing them.  It used to be in
debian a long time back, and then disappeared, I think because the
maintainer was having problems compiling with ever-changing GTK versions.

I am trying to "map" the structure of an ISP's network.  A graphical tool
that I could use to draw the diagrams, after it had done most of the work,
would be great.

Any suggestions?  Tool should preferably run on:
	Debian 2.2
	Any other Linux
	Win 2000
		in that order

Sanjeev "ghane" Gupta                    Mob: +65 98551208
dotXtra Pte Ltd                          Fax: +65 5470260
Singapore                                email: ghane@dotxtra.com

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