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Re: Router machine falls into APM sleep :(

We haven't heard if you have resolved the problem yet.

> > I am Internet-administrator in University (see my email :) and on
> > small ISP. Got one problem with my router PC. All of my PCs are
> > Debians and one onf them, approx. month ago installed directly from
> > Internet (with boot floppies and LAN cable) if this matters.

Sounds like a fun problem. It appears that something is different on the machine that is acting up.

It might be more productive just to build a new router... 

But, if have the time to troubleshoot this you might also want to look in the following files:
Note, these are long shots.

ls -la /etc/cron*
cat /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*
ls -la /var/spool/cron/at*
ls -la  /var/run/utmp

> > ... modems accept login
> > but pppX interfaces do not route! Leased client can ping our server
> > but can't ping Internet. If one press any key (for example Shift)
> > on Router keyboard, routing quickly goes up and all things restore.
> > No APM daemons were found running in memory using 'ps fax' command.
> > No APM options were sut up in BIOS (afair) and it has set up in
> > BIOS to wake on any events, including LAN events.

This doesn't sound like an APM issue. Microsoft would say this was a hardware issue. 

But, I guess if you have a cron job pinging it every ten minutes this would not be a network card that gets sleepy.

What type of network card are you using for your pppX interface? Maybe it is getting too hot at night. I had a multihomed machine in a cuboard that began overheating in April. It was in solitude for 6 months before the nic stopped routing packets.

Are you on the north side of the equator?
Does the school turn of the air conditioning in the server room after hours to conserve energy? Are any other servers in the room? 

If I were you, I would just camp out next to it to find out what is going on at night. ;-)

-Ted Knab

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