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Re: Router machine falls into APM sleep :(

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 02:52:47PM -0400, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
> check the power management settings on the bios first, maybe it is going
> to sleep.

disabled, but awakement options all set to ON (just for my safety)

> Check your cron log and crontabs.

nothing special. I have syslog monitored at tty11: just portslave/pppd
activity of modem users and rare cron lines about my python tasks.
Nothing about APM or so... There is even NO "APM" WORD found by grep in
/var/log! I think it is something different. Maybe next reboot I'll
check BIOS settings again.

> Are there times when the system is really completely idel--no users?

yes, deeply in the morning, when all night users went to their beds and
when day users are still sleeping. Approx 2-3 hours of dialup and network
idle, but cron awakes with python tasks every minute for different purposes.

> If so, set up some jobs to run continuously to keep it happy and nice them
> low.
> Might make the problem go away for temporary purposes.

It doesn't go away. I have set up crontab to ping leased client with 5
small packets every 10 minutes... Guess what? It didn't help... :(

> set up syslog to log to external box so you can more easily diagnose log
> files.
> Check the kernel compilation and see if power management is on and active,
> turn it off if it is.

As I have recently checked my 'make menuconfig' infos on 'APM' subject...
It is off. And there is no visible reason for my PC to sleep, but ping
from outside disappears after 1 hour or more of idle.

P.S. What next? :-\  I will check BIOS setting upon next reboot.


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