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Router machine falls into APM sleep :(

Hello, respectable ISP community :)

I am Internet-administrator in University (see my email :) and on
small ISP. Got one problem with my router PC. All of my PCs are
Debians and one onf them, approx. month ago installed directly from
Internet (with boot floppies and LAN cable) if this matters.

So this PC got an ugly habit to go to APM (or whatever?) sleep if
not used for some time. This is not bad, but it holds leased line
client connected to 10Mbit NIC and 6 dialin modems on multiport
card... At this time they cannot work at all, modems accept login
but pppX interfaces do not route! Leased client can ping our server
but can't ping Internet. If one press any key (for example Shift)
on Router keyboard, routing quickly goes up and all things restore.

No APM daemons were found running in memory using 'ps fax' command.
No APM options were sut up in BIOS (afair) and it has set up in
BIOS to wake on any events, including LAN events.

Please tell me where to dig? My boss kicks me every day for this :)


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