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Re: "kickstart" for debian needed


you need only the Base-Installation then install all programms needed 
and after ths make a

dpkg --get-selections >myselection.txt

Now you can install on other machines the Base-Installation and at the 
end quiet it withot any selections. Login as root and make

newmachine:# dpkg --set-selections myselection.txt

now use dselect to install it.


Am 21:58 27.03.2001 -0800 hat Duane Powers geschrieben:
>Ok all,
>I've talked upper management into rolling out linux as the primary
>OS/workstation for the members of our NOC (we're a major ISP). Now I'm
>faced with installing
>30+ similar machines with debian, life sucks, eh? :o)
>I'm considering dd as one alternative, but that's kinda bulky 'cuz it
>requires physically removing each hard drive installing in "parent" and
>imaging... I've looked at things like
>ghost, but that doesn't seem to be an option... I know we've had this
>discussion on the list before... I don't know if anyone has the details
>on redhat's kickstart program,
>and whether that is something that could be ported to debian... Any
>A couple of the parameters I need to consider,
>Most (of our) engineers are not linux-compliant.
>Need centralized login, (can't use NIS+, we've already got a NIS+ system
>for Solaris... don't wanna confuse the issue,)
>May need to be reinstalled occassionally due to high tech network
>engineers hosing
>various applications (these are going to be workstations, not servers...
>accessed frequently by different users... stuff will get broken)
>Any helpful hints, or experience will be appreciated very much.
>Duane Powers
>Senior Systems Engineer II
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