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"kickstart" for debian needed

Ok all,

I've talked upper management into rolling out linux as the primary
OS/workstation for the members of our NOC (we're a major ISP). Now I'm
faced with installing
30+ similar machines with debian, life sucks, eh? :o)
I'm considering dd as one alternative, but that's kinda bulky 'cuz it
requires physically removing each hard drive installing in "parent" and
imaging... I've looked at things like
ghost, but that doesn't seem to be an option... I know we've had this
discussion on the list before... I don't know if anyone has the details
on redhat's kickstart program,
and whether that is something that could be ported to debian... Any

A couple of the parameters I need to consider,

Most (of our) engineers are not linux-compliant.
Need centralized login, (can't use NIS+, we've already got a NIS+ system
for Solaris... don't wanna confuse the issue,)
May need to be reinstalled occassionally due to high tech network
engineers hosing
various applications (these are going to be workstations, not servers...
accessed frequently by different users... stuff will get broken)

Any helpful hints, or experience will be appreciated very much.

Duane Powers
Senior Systems Engineer II

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