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Re: Debian 2.2r2

*yes* ... and it's a big one. Any BIND before 8.2.3 is vulnerable.
Upgrade immediately, and look to see if you have already been hacked. 

See the following link for information:


The upgrade is very easy... just do:


to get the file, and:

"dpkg -i bind_8.2.3-0.potato.1_i386.deb" 

to install the update.


> Y2KNET wrote:
> I have installed Debian 2.2r2 and it is using
> bind 8-2.2p7-1.
>  Is it any security hole in this Debian 2.2r2
> and bind 8-2.2p7-1.
> Will appreciate any help.
> Thanks.
> Abu Umair


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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