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Re: sendmail is slow for mass mail

> My problem: The emails are being sent out at an UNBELIEVABLY SLOW rate.
> There must be a better way!

The answer? qmail :)

Dan Bernstein originally wrote a package designed purely to deal with huge
mailing lists.. and people loved it..

It's popularity grew.. and gradually more features crept in... so he
renamed it to qmail, and it became a fully-fledged e-mail system.

I utterly swear by it's extreme reliability, speed and tiny footprint.

OK, so it's not fully GPL'd - he doesn't want binaries distributed.. but
apt-get install qmail will download the source and build a .deb for you
right away :)

It takes a bit of getting used to because it's configuration is like
nothing else, but give it a go....

I can only speak for qmail.. I'm sure other mailers like exim and zmailer
are also very capable, but I've never used them..

Kind regards,

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