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Re: Firewall configuration with two ISP

Hello all
    I tried the same with Windows :( machine, but it is working with two ISP
perfectly !!!!!!!!. Both of my Internet IP's is accessiable from outside

Sorry 2 post Windows messages here.


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> On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 10:30:06AM +0200, Jiri Kaderavek wrote:
> > Hi Jeremy.
> >
> > I'll have the same problem, but:
> > What do you mean with some form
> > of clustering? Can you explain that.
> > Thanx.
> Actually clustering probably isn't what you want since there's only one
> machine.
> But what you probably do want is a common set of IPs (unfortunatly these
> will be hard to get and you may need a substancial amount to be
> multihomed) and to be setup properly to be multihomed.  I can't really
> say much about what the routing would need to be like either.  It's
> nothing that I've had to do yet.
> It may even be possible to do it with different IPs, but I am not sure
> if the Linux kernel as it is can support it.
> --
> Jeremy Lunn
> Melbourne, Australia

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