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Re: Firewall configuration with two ISP

Hi Jeremy.

I'll have the same problem, but:
What do you mean with some form
of clustering? Can you explain that.

Jiri Kaderavek.

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> On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 12:50:08PM +0530, Bala wrote:
> > Hello
> >   In Debian GNU/Linux, I have configured three network cards. I'm having
> > leased line connection from two ISP's with two different series of IP
> > addersses. With first card I, have configrued ISP1 and with second card,
> > have configured with ISP2. With the third card, I have configured my
> > Now I'm able to ping both the ISP's gateway from my machine. But, I'm
> > able to access my machine with one of the Internet IP from Internet.
> > could be the problem??
> Presummably one of your ISPs is the default route.  The other one just
> has a route for that ISPs IPs?
> The problem would be that the replies to any requests sent to the 2nd
> ISP will be routed back via the 1st ISP.  They are probably blocked by
> your 1st ISP which is sane and I wouldn't want to use an ISP that didn't
> do that.
> Sorry I can't give you a solution, but you might need to do some form of
> clustering and you may need the same IPs through both ISPs.a
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> Jeremy Lunn
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