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Re: Firewall configuration with two ISP

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 12:50:08PM +0530, Bala wrote:
> Hello
>   In Debian GNU/Linux, I have configured three network cards. I'm having
> leased line connection from two ISP's with two different series of IP
> addersses. With first card I, have configrued ISP1 and with second card, I
> have configured with ISP2. With the third card, I have configured my LAN.
> Now I'm able to ping both the ISP's gateway from my machine. But, I'm NOT
> able to access my machine with one of the Internet IP from Internet. What
> could be the problem??

Presummably one of your ISPs is the default route.  The other one just
has a route for that ISPs IPs?

The problem would be that the replies to any requests sent to the 2nd
ISP will be routed back via the 1st ISP.  They are probably blocked by
your 1st ISP which is sane and I wouldn't want to use an ISP that didn't
do that.

Sorry I can't give you a solution, but you might need to do some form of
clustering and you may need the same IPs through both ISPs.a

Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia

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