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Re: isdn4linux


Am 10:08 27.02.2001 +1100 hat Robert Davidson geschrieben:
>On Sat, Feb 24, 2001 at 11:17:00AM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hello,
>There's a kernel patch around that lets you use dodgy ram in linux 
>boxes somewhere.. if you could patch a kernel (on another pc) and then 
>transfer it to your linux box with dodgy ram and tell the kernel where 
>the dodgy ram is, you might be able to get all the functionality of 
>your linux box back..

Thats cool !!!
I will search for it.

>Personally I think: bad ram = asking for trouble, but if you apply the 
>patch I'm talking about to a kernel, not sure if they have it for 2.0 
>or just 2.2, but it could be worth looking into.

I use the 2.2.18 Kernel 

>The other thing you could do is, say you have a 64mb ram chip in your 
>pc, and the chip where say 35mb sits is stuffed, you could just tell 
>lilo (or whatever you use to boot with) to pass "mem=32M" to the kernel 
>so it won't use that dodgy bit of ram (just the first 32mb of good 

I have two modules of 256 MBytes !!!

And it was a flash which destruct the memory AND Celeron.
Now I can buy a new mainboard because I get no Celeron under 633 MHz :-/

>Robert Davidson.


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