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Re: forwarding mail to internal mail server

At 2/23/01 06:38 PM -0500, Bulent Murtezaoglu wrote:
>    JLG> I'm open to any suggestions anyone may have.  I've thought
>    JLG> about using virtusertable on the gateway box to rewrite the
>    JLG> addresses so as to be delivered to the internal mail server,
>    JLG> but I'm not sure about this.
>Use a mailertable that sends everything for your domain[s] to the
>internal server.  The bat book covers this, but so should the sendmail
>docs.  I'll point out one usual pitfall though: if you use a mailetable
>to route the inbound mail from a gateway host you should not have the 
>routed domain[s] in the gateway sendmail's class w.

After finding the appropriate section in the bat book, I managed to get
this working really nice.  In .mc, you'd use "define(`MAIL_HUB',`remotehost')dnl",
or modify DH in sendmail.cf.  I managed to get this working across my
whole network in a matter of an hour or so.

I'm really glad I found this, this keeps me from having to worry about NFS mounts
and machines hanging when the NFS server goes down for a reboot/maintenance/
what have you.

I haven't took down sendmail on the mail server yet to see what happens when it's
down (e.g. if the gateway box queues mail/etc.), but I'm about to.

Anyways, got it working.  Thanks for the pointer.


Jeremy L. Gaddis     <jlgaddis@blueriver.net>

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