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forwarding mail to internal mail server

What's the "preferred" method of forwarding all incoming mail
from the gateway to an internal mail server?  I have one box
(Debian Woody, sendmail 8.9.3) currently mounting /var/mail
from the internal mail server (also a Debian Woody box, running
8.9.3).  This seems to work okay, but I'm just waiting for something
to break.

I've thought about setting up port forwarding so that anyone connecting
to port 25 on the masquerading box is transparently forwarded to the
internal mail server.  That, however, is something I'd like to avoid.

I'm open to any suggestions anyone may have.  I've thought about
using virtusertable on the gateway box to rewrite the addresses so as
to be delivered to the internal mail server, but I'm not sure about this.


Jeremy L. Gaddis     <jlgaddis@blueriver.net>

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