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Re: htaccess failure

Mervyn Jack wrote:
> I had some similar problem and although I can't remember exactly what was, but it
> was something to do with the order of the commands. It had me fooled for a while.
> Here's an example of a .htaccess file that works.
> This one also allows access to a certain subnet of IP's without having to enter a
> password.
> (replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with relavent IP's)
> Deny from all
> AuthName "Staff only"
> Allow from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/27
> AuthType Basic
> AuthUserFile /etc/staffonly
> Require valid-user
> Satisfy any
Continuing on the theme of "ones that work":

AuthType Basic
AuthName OurStuff
AuthUserFile OurStuff
require valid-user

Note that the absolute path on AuthUserFile is not required; apache
seems to know to look for it in /etc/apache.

Also, is your AuthUserFile readable by www-data?

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