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Re: htaccess failure

> On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Eric Jennings wrote:
> > I *believe* you need to "AllowOverride AuthConfig" if you wish to use
> > .htaccess files within the /var/www directory to authenticate users.
> > I may be wrong, but give it a shot.
> Sadly, you were wrong.  <sigh>

Actually, you weren't  :)

Turning "AllowOverride AuthConfig" on caused Apache to barf 
unexpectedly, which in turn produced an intelligent message in the error
log.  (Worryingly, I hadn't been getting anything at all in the logs
previous to that.)

Turns out that I have legacy directives for xbithack set in _some_ of my
.htaccess files; but not all.

Removing these from all .htaccess files, and adding the AllowOverride
AuthConfig directive to my doc root <Directory> in access.conf has now
solved the problem.

> Other than regularly updating the system, I don't know what I've changed
> since it used to work :)

The need for the xbithack directive for SSIs must have been negated in
an update somewhere along the line; but I've no idea when.
Nothing gave me any warning.

Thanks for all help offered via the list though.
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