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pam failure

[from /var/log/messages]
Feb 19 15:29:56 server1 login: FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM masquerade.micron.com FOR
db, Authentication failure
Feb 19 15:29:58 server1 login: FAILED LOGIN SESSION FROM
masquerade.micron.com FOR (null), Conversation error

This just started happening.  Any normal user will recieve a "login
incorrect" message when putting in their username and password, and I had to
edit the /etc/pam.d/login file to not check /etc/securetty in order to let
root login at all (it was previously accepting logons but immediately dumping
you back to getty without giving you a prompt).  Of course, this is a sudden
problem, and all the other admins claim "we didn't do nuttin".	Any ideas?  I
keep thinking it's a pam thing, cuz I hate pam ;-), but so far my
troubleshooting has come up with naught.  



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