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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, [iso-8859-2] Litzler Mihály wrote:

> Okey, what do you think about the security of exim?

I couldn't find any Exim advisories or incident or Vulnerability notes at

I found a July 1997 BugTraq posting for a very old version of Exim (posted
by Qmail's author).

You can't really easily search the SecurityFocus website for Exim --
because the headers are indexed AND many emails were sent by Exim :)

This subject of "security of exim" has been discussed on the exim-users
mailing lists various times and it always reports that there has been very
few security issues, no known exploits and a bunch of testimonials for
using Exim.

I use exim because: 1) simple, easy-to-understand syntax; 2) extremely
detailed documentation, FAQ and examples; 3) friendly mailing list; 4)
friendly author/developer; 5) many testimonials; 6) no known security
issues; 7) numerous capabilities, such as anti-relaying features,
filtering, mail routing control, etc.; 8) it was default with Debian :)

I have read several testimonials of Exim like: "we use an old SparcStation
20 to ship around 60,000 emails a day and according to the exim stats 98%
of those are shipped in under a minute." And "have used exim to cope with
the mail for freeserve (3 million users) and we never had any problems
with it." And "processed several hundred thousand messages a day across
7000+ virtual domains."

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