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I have a gateway box that I run squid on to facilitate web-browsing from
inside my home network. This box is running sid, so it's on the bleeding
edge, but I have a problem I'm having difficulty diagnosing.

An update for squid came through a couple of days ago, and there were
obviously some big changes. the dns slave processes are gone now, and the
config file I'm running confirms this, but the proxy seems to be *really*
lagging on gethostbyname ops. I haven't changed the distributed .conf
except to allow access from my internal net on the acl, and the output to
syslog confirms that the proxy is finding the nameservers listed in
resolv.conf... any insight is appreciated. This is a piece of software
that I have had spinning away in the background for a long time, and it's
status as just working out of the box has allowed me not to generate any
specific expertise with it. =) Thanks in advance.


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