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Re: Debian vs. freeBSD

The hardware for this system will be a compaq DL380 series server.
It has 5 ultra2 scsi 9.1 gig drives. I did not know if ultra2 scsi
presented any advantage when considering freebsd or Debian or not.

Any info on this is appriciated!



Ashby Gochenour

> *BSD is quite good. I use it whene forced to. Debian has the advantage
> of having *great* support via IRC and lists, and Linux supports most
> every piece of hardware out there! In my 'real' job, I do the computer 
> security for bnl.gov. We are using Debian for just about anything in
> our perimeter. The proxies, smtp gateway, Kerberos, DNS, DHCP. The
> machines perform well on minimal hardware, and you can lock them down
> *tight* with LIDS, so much that you can't touch them remotely, even
> if you are root.
> Tim
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