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Re: ADSL problem...

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 19:19:58 +0100, Jason Quigley writes:
>I'm not sure if it'll work as I have an ADSL router which does pppoe. This doe
>sn't connect so I don't really see what I'll gain from the deb pkg.

sorry I didn´t get that first time. your setup is as follows

PC    <--->     Router      <--->     Modem


Well if your router doesn´t connect I guess you´ll have to talk either 
 to your ISP or the router vendor...your PC only has to speak plain IP/
 ethernet. The dirty work is done by modem and router.

>Also, the docs (if they can be called that) which come with the modem tell me 
>that you can connect multiple machines to the modem over the lan as long as on
>ly one at a time is using a connection to the internet!!!!

Now it depends on your setup:

if it´s

PC   <--->   modem

only one PC at a time may talk PPPoE to the modem, but sequentially it 
 doesn´t matter if there´s one PC or many.

But if the setup is

PC    <--->     Router      <--->     Modem

and your router can do NAT you can connect as much PCs as you want.

>I think the basic problem is that 3com stuff is crap - always has been IMHO. I
>'ve never liked playing with it - except the Palm Pilot, but then, they didn't
> create and code it! ;-)

Ahemm, maybe you want to do a little ASCII-art so we really understand 
 your setup...before you blame 3com (they make rock-solid 
 ethernet-cards, at least. the 3c509-series was some fscking great 

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