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Re: ADSL problem...

On Thu, 01 Feb 2001 21:43:24 +0100, Jason Quigley writes:
>On Thursday, February 1, 2001, at 05:58 PM, Robert Waldner wrote:
>> Ah, I guess this 3com-stuff comes in form of a PCI-card which connects  
>>  directly to the copper-wire, then? 
>It's actually an external modem which is connected to a peecee either with a l
>an card or usb.

When it´s connected to you PC via a LAN card it has to use some 
 protocol other than PPPoA on the LAN side. PPPoA is fine between modem 
 and DSLAM but not for the LAN side.

Are you really sure that it doesn´t use PPPoE[0] on the ethernet side?


0: or something like PPTP, which is just plain sick, but in use here in 
   .at nonetheless.

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