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Re: ldap based isp

On Wednesday 31 January 2001 09:09, Jaume Teixi wrote:
> I would like to know which kind of alternatives people usually uses for
> installing an ldap based isp
> I'm usually setting up a webmail (twig) with courier-imap trough openldap
> I would like to know if people usally uses sendmail, qmail, postmail with
> system accounts or with ldap Also if there's a kind of solution for having
> users on a database

The Postfix packages in Debian support having the equivalent of /etc/aliases 
in LDAP.  It seems that it should support the equivalent of the following 
/etc/aliases in LDAP:
user: /var/spool/mail/user

But it doesn't!

So the easiest solution would be libnss-ldap and having each user entry in 
the LDAP being:
objectClass: posixAccount
objectclass: pilotPerson
objectclass: inetLocalMailRecipient

Then (I think) they should be able to support diverting mail to other 
destinations as well as acting as a local mail recipient.

Here's from Bennett Todd <bet@rahul.net> on the postfix-users list:
>If you don't have an LDA available for the job, you could cobble
>together something using either maildrop of procmail, both of which
>provide flexible programmable filing, and both of which support
>Maildir format; just use a .mailfilter (maildrop) or .procmailrc
>(procmail) that calls out to some helper utility, perhaps a script
>written around an ldap query client, to look up the mailbox name in
>the LDAP directory, returning appropriate error codes (like
>EX_NOUSER, 67) in case of failure, and delivering into the
>appropriate box.

Let us know how you go with this.  I'm still working on this myself and would 
like to know how you solve things.

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