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Re: logged packets - why?

> What do I need to change for them to be able to *enter*?
> Sven

Bootp and dhcp only use udp and always send their first request to the 'all
ones' broadcast address, AFAIK. I don't think you need the tcp rule at all.
This is the 'eth0-in' ruleset that I use to accept anything from an internal
private subnet including bootp/dhcp:

ipchains -N eth0-in
ipchains -A eth0-in -i ! eth0 -j DENY -l
ipchains -A eth0-in -s -j ACCEPT
ipchains -A eth0-in -p udp -s bootpc -d \
  bootps -j ACCEPT
ipchains -A eth0-in -j DENY -l

It's more than you were asking, but the fourth rule shown here is the only dhcp
related rule that I have found to work properly.

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