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Re: Benchmarking for Remote to Remote Host: How-to?

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Jeff Hill wrote:
>What is the best method for benchmarking potential ISPs for an existing
>website? My only concern is speed from my paid members to my website.
>Initially, I looked for a a method/utility for doing remote host to
>remote host packet timing. With a traffic analysis tool like ping or
>trafficroute that could do this (possibly by re-routing packets), I

One thing you should keep in mind that they may assign different priorities 
to different types of traffic.  Just because an ISP is faster for ping does 
not mean that it will be faster for web transfer!

Also speed is far from the only criteria for selecting a service provider, 
there is also reliability, response time to requests, and the options for 
providing other services that you may need.

Probably the best thing to do is to ask other people running similar sites in 
your area of their opinions.

Russell Coker

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