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Re: pop3 server,

At 09:49 AM 6/27/2000 -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
I use gnu-pop3d with a bunch of patches I made that hopefully get rid of
the instability problems and add capability for virtual domains. But I
haven't built a Debian package of my patched gnu-pop3d.  For more
information about my setup visit:

I am using Mr Reed's patches, and they work well for me, albeit I have just one virtual domain hosted. The patches applied cleanly, and built well. Thanks.

I plan on soon writing a pop3d from scratch using the virtual domain ideas
that I currently use. (If anyone is interested in testing it for me,
please let me know. Thanks.)

Sure. My client for the vhost is inhouse, sort of, and I can swap stuff in and out. Interruptions in being able to receive mail are OK, as long as no mail gets lost.

Debian 2.1, will update to potato when stable, tell me if you need an account.

-- Ghane

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