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pop3 server,

which packaged with debian pop3d would you people recommend?
 which one do you use?
apt-cache search pop3d on potato shows only gnu-pop3d and cyrus-pop3,
cyrus ain't best choice - it's non-free, and as cyrus's manual says - 
	it's designed for closed hosts, hosting only as e-mail server
	without users or other services.
gnu-pop3d has been removed from debian due to it's instability.

there is also cucipop, which somehow shows up only in woody,
solid-pop3d which has virtuals support which I need,
and there is ipopd which I think proved to be unsecure.
as for now choice would be between solid and cuci, 

there is also problem of securing link - how to use ssl
with pop3 daemons?

and of course how would one host virtual e-mail domains (one IP, one UID)
using those daemons - my current solution would be using PAM with radius
or ldap.
any helpfull hints? 


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