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Re: pop3 server,

> > gnu-pop3d has been removed from debian due to it's instability.
> Where can I find more information about gnu-pop3d being removed from
> Debian?
just try installing it  - it has been removed from all the mirrors,
and I mailed gnu-pop3d maintainer and he told me that it had been removed
from debian due it's instability.
you can't find in in potato nor in woody.

> haven't built a Debian package of my patched gnu-pop3d.  For more
> information about my setup visit: 
> http://www.reedmedia.net/projects/virtualmail/
I've heard all about your setup and it seems to be working.
But I want ldap or postgresql setup for my virtual mails,
and that seems to be a problem.

> I plan on soon writing a pop3d from scratch using the virtual domain ideas
> that I currently use. (If anyone is interested in testing it for me,
> please let me know. Thanks.)
Now that would be a great idea, since only tested and nice environment
for virtual domains seems to be qmail,
but I just don't want to give up exim, 
hmm, and I think there are some license issues with qmail,
like inability to distribute modified sources/binaries (?), 
  anyone to clear up this issue?

and this would give me what I want - working virtual email system, 
with security fixes applied via apt-get upgrade :)

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