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Re: Sendmail and RELAYING

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Richard Sufliarsky wrote:

 > our server was two times abused for RELAYING spam mails.
 > Can anyone help me to make rule which can allow receiving messages which are
 > addressed  for users in our domain and domains that are registered to our IP
 > addresses ( , ?
 > It is something like this?
 >            R< $+ @ $=w >  $@ OK
 >            R< $+ @ $=R >  $@ OK
 >            (it is from www.sendmail.org)

could be, i don't read native sendmail.cf ;)
but, use HACK(check_rcpt4) and configure who to relay to.
check_rcpt4.m4 should be in sendmail.cf/ somewhere, and has some docs
as well


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