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Re: Sendmail and RELAYING

Install the sendmail package from slink.  I have been able to mix hamm and
slink quite successfully (on select packages).  I started by adding apt
from slink (which required one other package, but it was simple and
nothing broke, I think libstdc++).  

If you are running bo instead of hamm, you will probally need to upgrade
sendmail with the source.  I don't remember 8.8.8 having a simple way of
defeating relaying, you would probally have to download source, patch, and
then recompile.

Hope this helps,

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Richard Sufliarsky wrote:

> Problem is, that I haven't enough time to upgrade and second I think of
> upgrading whole system to Slink. So, for now I want only to patch the hole
> in my Sendmail 8.8.8. And I need it urgently, because I don't want annoy
> other people with spam mail from our server.
> Sufo
> >What do you think about upgrading to sendmail 8.9.3?
> >And then you can configure sendmail using the m4-macros for supporting
> >the relay-domains-file and put all you domains into that file.
> >Is that a way you can go?
> >
> >
> >Wolfgang
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