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Re: server for mail and radius hard locking

First, I would say that the last time I had a machine that hard locked, it
was with an AMD K5 based system, and enabling APM fixed the problem.  I
did it in both the kernel (with APM idle calls as the only option I
believe) and in the bios (with it on custom and all the timeouts

As for problems with integrated MB's, I would like to relate one success. 
I have a system based on the Intel Providence MB (PR440FX).  It is a dual
PPro MB, with onboard SCSI (AIC 7880U), Sound (CS4236B), and Ethernet
(Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100).  It works perfectly.  On another note
though, with some cheap integrated socket 7 boards I have had problems
even under windoze 98.  The board would spontaniously take the IRQ away
from the 3c905b card.

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Gregory Wood wrote:

> I would stay with the hardware. It could be a memory problem. I sell
> lots of motherboards with on-board video. I have found that although
> they say they are 'standard', they won't work without the supplied
> (Windows) drivers.
> Also, some of the on-board devices seem to keep resources tied up
> whether or not they are selected. Of course, this situation changes
> every time I get in a new case of motherboards.
> Lastly, I would go over all of the bios settings. You will have to
> experiment. Start with the default settings and turn off 'plug and play
> OS'. Try running without the network card.
> This will be a long, slow process. Good luck.
> Richard Bailey wrote:
> >  I will look into this tomorrow and see if I can find anything
> > strange..  could the onboard sound and usb causing a problem, I cannot
> > find any way to kill the onboard sound.  The usb is disabled in the
> > bios.  should I change that?? Richard
> >
> >      ----- Original Message -----
> >      From: David
> >      To: Richard Bailey
> >      Sent: Thursday, October 21, 1999 9:40 PM
> >      Subject: Re: server for mail and radius hard locking
> >       My experience has been that hard locks are usually due to
> >      hardware trouble.  It could be a kernel issue with the
> >      process, but I think those where resolved long ago.  Check
> >      out the memory and see if that fixes it.
> >
> >      David
> >
> >      Richard Bailey wrote:
> >
> >     > I set up a new server to replace an existing one to do
> >     > mail service and radius authentication for about 700+
> >     > users. The machine is running a k6-2 400 with 64m of ram,
> >     > the motherboard is one that is all-in-one except the
> >     > network card, SiS 530 chipset. The machine has hard locked
> >     > several times on me. I started it with slink, and upgraded
> >     > it to potato last night, suspecting a kernel issue with
> >     > the processor. I am looking for ideas of what to check.
> >     > Richard
> >

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