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Re: Perl script into database method?

Check out www.minivend.com.  Minivend is perl and supports
all sorts of databases - well, maybe not ALL ;^).  It runs
as daemon so you don't want mod_perl.  It is very "full featured".
It will eat 110k parts for breakfast; just give it gobs of RAM.


On Sat, Oct 23, 1999 at 12:55:17AM +0000, Wade Burgett wrote:
>     There's alot of choices there.  Not sure exactly what is available under 2.0
> but a Postgresql or MySQL (I've found MySQL to be faster - although it lacks
> transactions and some other things) database might work well as an SQL backend.
> Use the perl DBI interface to glue the web to the database.  The DBI supports
> many different backends, so you've got alot of choices there, or maybe you could
> even query the database server the records are on.  DBI is real nice because its
> abstracted the database interface enough that usually only minor code changes
> are necessary to port to a new database server.
>     There's also the mod_perl apache mod which you could use to speed up the
> process.  I'm pretty sure this is available under 2.0 as well.
>     I suspect a good database server as a backend would outpreform a flat file,
> but I've never run any speed tests.  One other possible option would be to use
> DBM or GDBM or one of the other (I think theres 4 or 5) hash file interfaces
> that Perl supports.
>     Hope some of that helps.
> Wade
> Pete Templin wrote:
> > Gang,
> >
> >         I'm trying to develop an online ordering system that will allow a
> > customer to select from the 110,000 parts offered by our primary vendor.
> > In doing so, my initial attempts (using a flat file) take twenty seconds
> > for a perl script to search through on an unloaded machine, tearing up CPU
> > as it goes.  Obviously, the next step is to migrate to an indexed database
> > for speed and efficiency (or maybe it isn't - I'm open to suggestions).
> >
> >         I'm most comfortable scripting in Perl (which isn't to say that
> > I'm super comfortable, but...), so I'd like to be able to plug into the
> > database directly from Perl.  Assuming a Debian 2.0 system (I haven't
> > finished my testing and preparation for an upgrade to Debian 2.1), what
> > choices do I have, if any?
> >
> > Pete
> >
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