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Re: server for mail and radius hard locking

I would stay with the hardware. It could be a memory problem. I sell lots of motherboards with on-board video. I have found that although they say they are 'standard', they won't work without the supplied (Windows) drivers.

Also, some of the on-board devices seem to keep resources tied up whether or not they are selected. Of course, this situation changes every time I get in a new case of motherboards.

Lastly, I would go over all of the bios settings. You will have to experiment. Start with the default settings and turn off 'plug and play OS'. Try running without the network card.

This will be a long, slow process. Good luck.

Richard Bailey wrote:

 I will look into this tomorrow and see if I can find anything strange..  could the onboard sound and usb causing a problem, I cannot find any way to kill the onboard sound.  The usb is disabled in the bios.  should I change that?? Richard
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 My experience has been that hard locks are usually due to hardware trouble.  It could be a kernel issue with the process, but I think those where resolved long ago.  Check out the memory and see if that fixes it.


Richard Bailey wrote:

I set up a new server to replace an existing one to do mail service and radius authentication for about 700+ users. The machine is running a k6-2 400 with 64m of ram, the motherboard is one that is all-in-one except the network card, SiS 530 chipset. The machine has hard locked several times on me. I started it with slink, and upgraded it to potato last night, suspecting a kernel issue with the processor. I am looking for ideas of what to check. Richard


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