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Re: system time

"Doug Bean" <doug@mrbean.net.au> writes:

> I am having a problem with my system clock (eg: netclock) and my Bios clock
> not syncing. I have the BIOS clock set properly to local time and the
> /etc/timezone seems to be set right. It is set to Australia/Brisbane.
> Now the problem is when I check by using the date command it shows the time
> is 10 hours advanced. When I use netdate to try and sync the two times it
> moves my bios clock back 10 hours. It seems that the two times are destined
> to never sync. The real problem is radius looks at the hardware clock and
> e-mail is logged along with everything else using the system clock. I have
> perl kickoff scripts running and they look at the system clock also.
> I need some desperate help in solving this problem any answers would help me
> sleep at night. :-)

It sounds like your system was configured as if the hardware clock is
set to GMT.  Have a look at your /etc/default/rcS file.  Check the
value of UTC:
# Set UTC to yes or no

On this system, the hardware clock IS set to GMT.  I can check this

# hwclock --show;date
Thu Sep 23 22:44:52 1999  -0.709385 seconds
Fri Sep 24 08:44:51 EST 1999

On your system, if you want the hardware clock set to local time, you
need to make sure that UTC=no.  Set the software clock to the right
date and time and then run hwclock --systohc.

The only reason for setting the hardware clock to local time is if you
dual boot with windoze etc..  If this host only runs Linux then you're
much better off running the hardware clock at GMT because of Daylight
Savings changes.

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involve me and I'll understand - Chinese Proverb.

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