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Re: OT: hubertf was Re: Debian 3.0 and the IPv6 status

martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach mlist-debianipv6@x-tec.de <mlist-debianipv6@x-tec.de> [2002.07.24.1702 +0200]:

Don't know used to hang out with him back when I was living in Regensburg (round 96).

He lives in Munich now.

No, he's still in Regensburg.

Now tell me just why we're discussing Hubert
Feyrer (right?) on this list?

Hmm look @ Message-ID: <[🔎] 3D3EC194.1080006@x-tec.de>

greets Uwe
X-Tec GmbH
Institute for Computer and Network Security
WWW : http://www.x-tec.de/

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