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RE: IPv6 Tunneling Tools

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Jeroen Massar wrote:

# "6_tunnel_ list route" shows _all_ IPv6 routes?
# Better to tell everyone they can use 'ip -6 ro sho' (ip -6 route show ;)
# Which is why the iproute command was created, to create a uniform set of
# commands.

absolutely, 6tunnel tools 100% use iproute command, 6tunnel makes easy and
quick ipv6 tunnel administration.

# You also are forgetting to set the mtu to 1280 on the tunnel device
# which saves some
# odd behaviour with traceroutes.

MHO mtu is optional option, use iproute command to set the mtu, but maybe
i better put mtu option on the 6tunnel script too.

# One should also keep in mind that IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels are a
# _transistion_ method and you
# should not create to many tunnels everywhere around, unless you really
# want to peer ofcourse
# and do transit stuff, backup links etc. (and thus you are on
# highbandwidth :)
# If one has only a single uplink to an ISP, one shouldn't start running
# dozen of tunnels of
# that single uplink either. Get 1 tunnel, get a subnet routed over it and
# use that.

i know :)

btw, the 6tunnel script is just a litle script to help me using iproute,
it doesnt replace the iproute command, and ipv6 user know about this.

[root@Sniper:~]# head -2 /usr/sbin/6tunnel |tail -1
# IPv6 Tunnel Script using iproute package

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