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Re: Odd behavoiur of one machine - radvd failing?

Noah Meyerhans wrote:
On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 09:09:27PM +0100, Tony Hoyle wrote:

I have 4 ipv6 enabled machines on a 6/4 tunnel. 3 of them work fine, but the 4th refuses to pick up an ipv6 address except its local one.

I've often been able to trace problems like this to broken multicast
support in the drivers for the network card.  Do all involved machines
have identical network hardware?

It's a mixture... The machine with the trouble has an FA311 unfortunately bought from PC World (not sure the equivalent in the US - think clueless box shifters who make millions selling stuff to AOL users). The others are 3com in the working desktop machine and some old RTL8029s in the server & gateway.

I thought that the multicast stuff was built on a different layer to the drivers, though?

Upgrading the FA311 is on the cards sometime anyway (it's a pretty awful card) so if that's the problem I'll just do that.


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