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Re: We need a common repository (again!) [was Re: apache 1.3.23 ipv6 binary]

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> I hounestly don't mind to pick up the task and be some sort of
> central repository/coordinator
> but I need as well cooperation from all the people that are doing
> the same work like
> Dhidhel and Kitame. 

I will surely continue maintaining xmms and vsftpd packages with IPv6 
patches. Until upstream will pick up these patches of course. Maybe 
some packages will follow.

> The only tecnical problem I have to solve is my
> limited bandwitdh
> and it's not a big deal until people from concepts.nl and
> tiscali.net will cooperate like they did
> during the last days.
> concepts.nl is already mirroring, and tiscali.net seems to be ready
> to mirror a complete archive
> but not few small piece here and there.

As soon as I will find a little bit time, I will set up 
ftp.estpak.ee/ftp.ipv6.estpak.ee as mirror as well.

Hasso Tepper
ET WAN administrator

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