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We need a common repository (again!) [was Re: apache 1.3.23 ipv6 binary]

Hi all,
I think it's time to rediscuss this topic again. Last time we didn't went far from discussing problems. Now it is also in the TODO list for woody+1 to have a better
IPv6 support in debian.

Im picking up this message from Dhidhel because it demonstrate one important thing IMHO there is no coordination in building pkgs with ipv6 support and I got exactly the same from
another person writing me for the archive I made.

I hounestly don't mind to pick up the task and be some sort of central repository/coordinator but I need as well cooperation from all the people that are doing the same work like Dhidhel and Kitame. The only tecnical problem I have to solve is my limited bandwitdh and it's not a big deal until people from concepts.nl and tiscali.net will cooperate like they did
during the last days.
concepts.nl is already mirroring, and tiscali.net seems to be ready to mirror a complete archive
but not few small piece here and there.

Ideas are more than welcome and as usual Flames & CO > /dev/null


Dhidhel Dedel Duel wrote:


what can i do for ?,...

i open rsync for my packet on rsync kebo.vlsm.org::

TODO in IPv6 debian packet

- Qmail + ucspi-tcp <-- my server work but my packet is broken can't make qmail directory
- Samba, i just have patch for IPv6 not yet test
- Socks5
- Postfix, the patch is for old version
- Mysql or other sql server ????
- anything else,...

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 05:57:52 +0200

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