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Re: Local Admin question

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Martin Koeppe wrote:
> What kind of problems does "id" cause for you? I can't remember any, and
> am just curious. You may also replace some of the core utils with the
> Debian versions, see:
> http://debian-interix.net/debian-interix/bootstrap-tools/coreutils/bin.tgz

coreutils' 'id' doesn't support -D, for example. OTOH Interix' 'install'
*doesn't* support -D (although a different -D...), which some Debian
packages need.

> This shouldn't confuse Debian. I saw and fixed some (very few) packages
> with that issue, but these packages are rare. If you encounter such a
> package, please report.

Will do. It just struck me as dodgy.

> To cite Rodney: When you do an "id -D" what do you get for an output?
> If you take the uid from the above command and do "id <uid>" what happens?

id -D (using Interix' ID):

65792(+Everyone), 197614(DG-PC+PasswordPropDeny),
131616(BUILTIN+Administrators), 131617(BUILTIN+Users
AUTHORITY+AuthenticatedUsers), 4095(CurrentSession), 66048(+LOCAL), 1049680

FNORD is the name of my domain. DG-PC is the name of my machine.

id 1049757 produces this if I use Interix' version:

uid=1049757(dg) gid=1049089(S-1-5-21-701420117-754076188-841501257-513)
65792(+Everyone), 197614(DG-PC+PasswordPropDeny),
131616(+Administrators), 131617(+Users), 66820(+INTERACTIVE),
66827(+Authenticated Users), 4095(CurrentSession), 66048(+LOCAL), 1049680

If I use coreutils' version of 'id', I just get:

id: 1049757: No such user

This is when logged in as myself. When logged in as Administrator,
networking works fine.

>> No other information, and AD is something I know very little about. I am
>> on a machine on a remote domain, if that makes any difference.
> What do you mean by "remote domain"?

Sorry, I don't know any of the correct terminology... all my account
information is held on a server operated by someone else that's about
6000 miles away. This means that I don't have very much control over
what it says about me (and is also the reason why I can't log in as
Administrator). Also, it makes operations that need to look up account
info very slow; the id command above take ~10 seconds to run, and 'ls
- -l' can take an age.

>> One other oddity I've noticed: apt-get source fails after the downloads
>> with 'Failed to create child process'. OTOH dpkg-source -x works fine.
> Those kind of errors may be fixed by the core hotfixes (those which
> update posix.exe, psxdll.dll, psxss.exe, psxrun.exe).

I've managed to install the emboldened hotfixes, those, but am still
kinda confused about the order in which I should install them --- given
that a lot of the hotfixes replace the same files, which one gives me
the most recent version of the core files? Right now I've got version

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