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Re: Local Admin question

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Martin Koeppe wrote:
> On which OS you are (uname -X)? The hotfixes are most important for SFU
> 3.5, for the others the SUA components get updated with standard service
> packs also, so these are not that outdated.

Interix dg-pc 3.5 SP-8.0.1969.1 x86 Intel_x86_Family6_Model15_Stepping10

Right now I'm unable to get hold of the hotfixes because the MS website
doesn't seem to be working (unless it's just started up again...). What
symptoms will I see if I don't have them?

>> (a) I get failures during debootstrap due to not being able to find
>> chroot. I added /usr/sbin to my path (which wasn't there by default) and
>> tried again.
> Good point, I'll change the install doc accordingly.

I'm actually having a number of path problems, due to incompatibilities
between the Interix tools and the Debian tools. e.g., installing some
packages doesn't work unless Debian's install is first on the path, but
other tools such as id behave funny unless the Interix version is seen

I have noticed that Interix symlinks /usr/bin -> /bin, which I suspect
is going to confuse Debian.

>> PRIV_END: seteuid: Network is down
> Hmm, on SFU 3.5 it works for me, even as normal domain user. You
> probably are on something newer, are you? Do you try login with password
> or password-less? (The latter probably won't work.) Is your local and/or
> remote home drive on a network share?

Nope, both local. Searching the SUA forums showed up this post:


No other information, and AD is something I know very little about. I am
on a machine on a remote domain, if that makes any difference.

One other oddity I've noticed: apt-get source fails after the downloads
with 'Failed to create child process'. OTOH dpkg-source -x works fine.

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