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Re: Local Admin question

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, Martin Koeppe wrote:

As I work for a large corp, I *cannot* log in as the 'real' local administrator of my machine. The account is renamed, I do not know the password. My personal domain account is in the local admin group, but I *cannot* fiddle with the renamed administrator account, or change the password. This caused me issues with NetBSD as compiling stuff wants to su - Administrator which obviously fails. I couldn't use the binaries as the shell doesn't use the ie proxy script, and fails to get outside. Setting http_proxy or ftp_proxy doesn't work.

So Is it game over for debian interix as well? Even if my DOMAIN\user account is in the local admin group?

I think yes, game over, unfortunately. Although I didn't try. Renaming the Administrator account probably doesn't cause any problems, as the UID remains the same. But only this UID (and the UID of SYSTEM) has special rights for Interix.

But one idea you could try: Start the installation as SYSTEM user. To get an initial cmd window with SYSTEM rights, issue

C:\> at 22:48 /interactive cmd.exe

For the time enter a value just 1 minute ahead the current time.
From this cmd window start the ksh and try to install.
I didn't test this, so please report your results.

To start an interix shell from this initial cmd shell, issue:
C:\Windows\system32> posix /u /c /bin/ksh -l

If the real Administrator should be needed, get my shellas tool:
and issue from the SYSTEM ksh:
$ ./shellas <Administrator> <hostname>

and verify that you have a shell with
$ id


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