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Local Admin question


I have used in the past interops systems utilities on SFU as well as NetBSD. However with little support from NetBSD I have left this idle for some time. I just discovered the debian port.

Just one question before I go thru the all the hotfix stuff…..

As I work for a large corp, I *cannot* log in as the 'real' local administrator of my machine. The account is renamed, I do not know the password. My personal domain account is in the local admin group, but I *cannot* fiddle with the renamed administrator account, or change the password.

This caused me issues with NetBSD as compiling stuff wants to su - Administrator which obviously fails. I couldn't use the binaries as the shell doesn't use the ie proxy script, and fails to get outside. Setting http_proxy or ftp_proxy doesn't work.

So…… Is it game over for debian interix as well? Even if my DOMAIN\user account is in the local admin group? 


Boyd Kelly

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