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Re: ia64 port needs help in order to be saved

On 05.08.20 16:02, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 8/5/20 3:56 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
And the behavior is similar to what Sergei wrote in [1] I think, so I'm
confident that this is not coming from the boot loader, but from using
gcc 7.3.0 w/o ptrace patch.

[1]: https://lore.kernel.org/patchwork/comment/1081244/

I don't see any comments regarding the RX2800 in this discussion.

Sergei and Gentoo don't have one available (I think they have or had an
rx3600 at that time IIRC), so they couldn't knew.

And, FWIW, the broken version of elilo crashes the exact same way as
the kernel without the ptrace fix which is why it took me a while
to figure that out.

It's just meant as a heads-up since GRUB is known to work very well
and I don't expect any such surprises when using GRUB instead of

Yeah, it's already on my todo list to switch to GRUB (actually since
2019). I just didn't want to introduce another variable into the
testing. :-)

Do you observe that as well?

Not that I know of, but I didn't check activity the whole time. I'll
observe activity next time I fire the machine up.

What I saw on Debian were unaligned memory accesses. But I think that is
common on non-x86 arches.
I think the unaligned access might be what keeps the kworker thread busy.

Than this seems to be not due to the kernel.


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