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Re: Has anyone ever got Debian to install on an SGI Altix?

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 16:39 -0500, Greg Edwards wrote:

> SuSE (and Red Hat too, I believe) have relocatable turned on all the ia64
> boxes by default.  It doesn't have an adverse effect on those platforms
> that don't require it. 

There are still 2.4.27 kernel image packages for ia64 in Debian unstable
and testing.  I'm told having relocatable on breaks 2.4 kernels.  So,
the sequence we need to follow is to update debian-installer to no
longer know about 2.4 kernels, then evict the 2.4 kernel image packages
for ia64 from unstable+testing... then I'll be happy to turn relocatable
on by default.  If someone really wants to run a 2.4 kernel, they can
learn how to edit the elilo options, too...  ;-)


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