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Re: Has anyone ever got Debian to install on an SGI Altix?

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 03:30:09PM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
| On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 09:14 -0500, Greg Edwards wrote:
| > I'll try to dig into this today and see if I can isolate what's going
| > on.
| Great, thanks.  I've been given access to an Altix box as well (thanks
| Ian), so I might be able to help.

console output is stopping when busybox init is run.  I added a set -x to
sbin/init and saw:

+ uname -r
+ grep ^2.2.
+ [  =  ]
+ mount /proc
+ umount initrd
+ true
+ mount -t tmpfs -o size=100M tmpfs /mnt
+ :
+ umount /proc
+ ls -1 /
+ grep -v \(dev\|lost+found\|mnt\|proc\)
+ cp -a bin etc floppy init initrd lib preseed.cfg sbin sys tmp usr var
+ cd /mnt
+ pivot_root . initrd
+ mkdir proc dev
+ [ -x /sbin/udevstart ]
+ /lib/debian-installer/init-udev-devices
+ mount /proc
+ exec /usr/sbin/chroot . /bin/busybox init
[... no more ...]

The box is still up at this point, as I was able to enter kdb (I had
kdb built into a kernel I had shoehorned in).  Interestingly, the kdb
output showed on the screen, but I never got the kdb prompt, so something
is messing with the console (ttySG0 is the console on Altix).

| > Another thing that would be really helpful is to turn on the
| > "relocatable" option by default in the installer elilo.conf (and the
| > system copy once in place).  Altix requires elilo to use
| > relocatable support.
| I see you filed a bug (#324067) for this - cool.  I'd suggest adding a
| code snippet/hint that will allow elilo to determine that it should use
| relocatable on this system.  For instance - how do RH/SuSE make this
| determination?  (This is what Bdale asked last time we brought it up -
| however, elilo was frozen for sarge and we never did get the install
| kernel working, so there wasn't much interest in following up).

SuSE (and Red Hat too, I believe) have relocatable turned on all the ia64
boxes by default.  It doesn't have an adverse effect on those platforms
that don't require it.  If you need to check for Altix, you could look
for the existence of /proc/sgi_sn.  This will be present on any
Altix/Prism system.

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