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Re: Sarge debian-installer

Emeric Maschino wrote:
> I've downloaded the 20041206 build netinst image. Keyboard problem with
> local console 2.6 kernel corrected. Thank you.
> But now, the installer fails to mount the initial / partition (just
> after the disk partitioning step). lsmod in the alternate console shows
> indeed that the ext3 module isn't loaded into memory. In fact, it can't
> be because of several unresolved symbols. The same applies for the xfs
> module. I didn't try other filesystems as I was planning to use the
> standard ext3.
> Is there anybody out there having the same problem?

This is because of bug #284659. A workaround is to pass mirror/suite=unstable
when booting the kernel (this will install unstable though).

see shy jo

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