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Re: Sarge debian-installer


> > The problem is due to the fact that the i8042 and AT keyboard supports are
> > compiled as modules and are not loaded.

> I don't know why they're modules. The bug in the installer is #283983.

I've downloaded the 20041206 build netinst image. Keyboard problem with
local console 2.6 kernel corrected. Thank you.

But now, the installer fails to mount the initial / partition (just
after the disk partitioning step). lsmod in the alternate console shows
indeed that the ext3 module isn't loaded into memory. In fact, it can't
be because of several unresolved symbols. The same applies for the xfs
module. I didn't try other filesystems as I was planning to use the
standard ext3.

Is there anybody out there having the same problem?


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