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Sarge debian-installer


Am I the only one having problems with the RC2 or daily-built Sarge
debian-installer? It works flawlessly if you choose 2.4 VGA console in
the install menu, but 2.6 VGA console is an other story.

On my hp workstation i2000, the only way to install Sarge using a 2.6
kernel is with a serial console (the keyboard isn't working with 2.6 VGA
console). Once the base system is installed and I'm asked to reboot, if
I switch back to a VGA console by removing the line
append="console=ttyS0,115200n8" from elilo.conf, I'm given a completely
unusable system since the keyboard is still not responding. Please note
this is PS/2 keyboard, not a USB device. I already noticed this problem
3 months back (see the "Linux kernel 2.6 freezes on my hp workstation
i2000" post on the www.gelato.org website). The problem is due to the
fact that the i8042 and AT keyboard supports are compiled as modules and
are not loaded. I had to boot with a recovery CD to manually add i8042,
atkbd and psmouse lines in the /etc/modules file to have a usable
system. Is there a good reason to build the i8042 and keyboard support
as modules? In this case, why isn't the /etc/modules file automatically

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