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Unidentified subject!

reassign 285006 binutils

I have reason to believe that the build failure of gmp (bts 285006) is
caused by the binutils patch applied to fix bts 278836.

Gmp revision 4.1.4-4 was successfully built on 2004-10-24

but revision -5 failed on 2004-11-28

The change in GMP was simply to NOT run the test suite when
cross-compiling.  For the ia64 build, obviously, there was
no change.

The only toolchain difference between the two was binutils:
binutils_2.15-4 in October but binutils_2.15-5 in November.  This
change corresponds to fixing 278836, which had something to do
with "unwind".  Gmp failed to find symbol _Unwind_Resume.  I figure
the patch must be buggy.

When this bug is fixed, would the ia64-powers-that-be please
schedule a build of gmp.  


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